Conscious Resistance – Our Path to Peace and Freedom

Pretty PathEmotional resistance is the catalyst for expansion.  In order to form a perspective for improvement of any kind, it’s necessary to first experience feelings that are less than joyful, also known as emotional resistance, around a particular subject matter.

Our predominant thoughts – around any subject we focus upon – emit a vibratory pattern which either attracts or repels every possibility experienced in our reality.  While emotional resistance around a controlling or oppressive force is necessary to create our perspective and the possibility for improvement, we perpetuate that which receives most of our attention – especially when that attention is accompanied by powerful feeling.

Peaceful awareness of the source of our “dis-ease”, focus on our perspective for well being, and willingness to take action if so inspired easily brings about the improvements we seek.

By becoming aware and spreading awareness about how we are creating and sustaining powerfully oppressive forces in our reality, we begin to give ourselves the power to easily defeat those forces.   While it’s true that we cannot “save” anyone from their individual lack of awareness without exercising control, we can present information which will be available if and when they choose to seek it.

Once we have individual awareness, we can begin to focus on the improvements we seek in order to develop our belief in an improved reality.  With belief comes joyful expectation, and our perspective for peace and freedom becomes powerful enough to endure even the most convincing physical evidence to the contrary.

True belief coupled with joy in the possibilities we have created, inspires action which produces a special form of resistance which weakens the forces of the egoic state of mind that currently prevails in our government.  Just as eating optimal nutrients resists decay in the body by promoting physical health, so too does peaceful assertion of individual rights resist controlling or oppressive governmental forces by promoting freedom.

Conversely, repetitive focus on the current state of government – which originally caused our perspective for improvement – prolongs and intensifies our emotional resistance.  Instead of diminishing the forces that perpetuate our current reality, emotional resistance works to strengthen those forces.

This is true because the vibratory pattern we offer through emotional resistance harmonizes with whatever is the subject of our negative focus, thereby attracting more of it into our experience.  Just as we cannot expect to create physical health by focusing on illness in our bodies, we cannot expect to create peace by focusing on control and oppression in our government.

For this reason, feeling good about what we predominantly focus upon benefits us more than anything else.  Until we can feel joyful about a particular subject matter, our most effective efforts are those which seek to improve our own vibratory offering.

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  1. J.R. Fibonacci
    October 27, 2009

    re: “Just as eating optimal nutrients resists decay in the body by promoting physical health, so too does peaceful assertion of individual rights resist controlling or oppressive governmental forces by promoting freedom.”

    I think of this re “assertion:” as we exercise authority, freedom, sovereignty, responsibility, and prudence, we practice intelligence in our investments of attention and other resources such as money. We organize our finances not around the default legal structures that benefit governments- like automatically putting our assets and revenues under “our own” SSN (it’s actually the SSA’s account, not yours or mine) and in our own legal name (again, a structure that is “legal fiction” as a corporate citizen franchise under the accounting and jurisdiction of the USA or UK or EU etc), such that they are exposed to maximum taxes and court liabilities.

    In regard to the legal status of “CITIZEN,” I offer this quotation
    “Citibank… is deemed a citizen of any state in which
    it physically maintains branches.” – US District Ct of
    Appeals, 1st Circuit, December 19, 2005.
    See also

    Further, there is the matter of the prudent allocation of investments, whether in a charitable trust or other structure explicitly exempt from taxation and legally protected by courts from most legal challenges or controversies. Most people ignore the obvious set-ups of recent decades, sch as the retiring of the baby boom, and thus were surprised by market developments that I and many other have been forecasting for quite a while. (See

    Rather than benefit from the emerging shift, many have poured themselves deeply into debt , aggressively entering markets like real estate and, more recently, gold. Citing the exact same rationalizations as gold investors did in the late 1970s, gold investors may be almost as disappointed as they were from 1980 to 2000… or even as disappointed as mainstream real estate investors have been recently and will be much more so in the next few years… or even as disappointed as holders of US gold certificates in 1933, when the Federal Reserve foreclosed on the debts owed to it by the US Treasury and produced a “voluntary confiscation” by criminalizing the possession of gold certificates by US Citizens (but not foreignors, who were outside of the jurisdiction of the US and were not the underwriters or sureties of the debts incurred or billed to the taxpaying citizens by those Doing Business As the USA).

    They may complain of constitutions and rights, rather than exercising their intelligence and responsibility. They may ignore the provisions in the US Constitution for the explicit acknowledgment of treaties as one of three components of the supreme law of the land:

    Here is the “Supremacy Clause” of Article VI: “The judges of every
    state shall be bound” by “this Constitution, the Laws of the United
    States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof, and all Treaties
    made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United
    States, [which] shall be the supreme Law of the Land.”

    For more, see

    The basic ting is that people can argue amongst themselves while bullets and bombs are flying, or they can take action to promote security and prosperity. Operations of government begin and end. They are not to be relied on as if they are God- and neither is gold or silver or any currency or investment or legal structure.

    I’ve written extensively on the psychology of what is shifting as well as the history and economics. Rather than allowing change to inform their own actions and benefit dramatically from the most obvious and sudden redistribution of economic resources that I personally know of, and perhaps in the recorded history of mankind, how many of us are instead complaining about things like that the FDA is “full of sh!t” STILL. Seriously, when was that not the case?

    Those who are arrogant shall be humbled. Those who are asleep shall be wakened. Those who are antagonistic shall be mired in conflict. Those who are judgmental shall be agonizing in the hell of shame and guilt.

    Pieces of this message are not new to any of us, right? However, when the last piece of the puzzle is put into place, even those of us who have not been looking at the picture on the box in which the puzzle came… will know what the puzzle shows when assembled. By the way, if the governments or mass media or churches give us a boxtop that does not match the actual puzzle that is in the box, that does not mean that we should wait for them to give us the correct blueprint or build the puzzle for us.

    Put it all together. Do the math.

    Many people will experience dramatic increases in various forms of suffering. We are not at fault for their suffering- nor then for own our past suffering. However, we have the opportunity now to learn as well as to teach.

    The meek shall inherit the earth and receive abundance overflowing, but the price of giving up vanity and self-righteousness may seem too high for some, so life may “turn the tables” and raise the relative cost of keeping vanity. Thank heavens for that.


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