Control is Not Healthy

Don’t buy the hype. Universal Healthcare is being promoted through fear and guilt for the enrichment of corporate interests and expansion of governmental control.  Most medical drugs and surgeries are unnecessary and better results can be attained through traditional methods not even covered by any insurance.

Broken bones and burned skin aren’t the reason for inflated prices. Bones only need to be set in place to heal in a healthy body; and while moderate 3rd degree burns and deeper require medical intervention – this is a rare occurrence. Besides, hospitals are already legally prevented from turning away emergencies such as these.

Everyone has cancerous cells in the body all the time. A cancer imbalance can only become balanced through lifestyle modification. Drugs and radiation are the cause of bodily imbalance which facilitates and encourages the proliferation of cancer.

Moreover, modern medicine is the leading cause of death in the USA, and medical drugs inhibit our ability to think independently – thus creating a society of media influenced drones.

Self limiting beliefs such as fear of financial debt contribute to the ever expanding system of greed. All the protection in the world cannot prevent karma from playing out in our lives.  The true cure for all forms of dis-ease is balance, not control.

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