Daily Thought: Word

Daily Thought: Word

The Word is God. You command the creative force by the power of your word (spoken or thought). Pay attention to how you judge what you perceive - this is what you are causing to multiply in your world.

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3 Responses to Daily Thought: Word

  • keripik says:

    Nice post. Simple and straightforward. I wonder, which is more easy to “watch”. Our thought or feeling? Which is the “leader”?


    • Hope Johnson says:

      Thought evokes feeling, so thought is always the leader. Feeling is the guide that lets one know whether their train of thought is leading toward anything they desire. By paying attention to feeling, one can become aware which thoughts are serving them, and which ones are based on judgment that’s no longer necessary.

  • keripik says:

    Ok. Thank’s for the explanation Hope.

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