Dealing Consciously with a Suicidal Friend

You are not the cause of anyone’s suffering, but whenever you experience anyones suffering, it becomes your responsibility. Your friend is not the self image that you hold of them in your mind.

Each person is a vehicle transporting a powerful being though this time-space environment, and every being is another aspect of the real You. If you could see people as they really are, you would know that the self image is only a projection of the belief patterns currently being followed by the ego.

The real Self orchestrates everything in our experience for the refinement of our being. A suicide experience is the culmination of all thoughts projected by the various egos through which the being has expressed over many lifetimes.

Self limiting beliefs create patterns of energy in our vibration that resist our true essence. The trials and tribulations (such as suicidal tendencies) to which the ego is subjected are for the purpose of exposing those resistant patterns, which creates opportunity for deep healing.

When anyone feels sorry for another person, they join in the other person’s suffering. By joining in the suffering of another, we add energy to current of resistance, which can only serve to reinforce that which keeps them bound to illusion and dis-ease.
When dealing with a suicidal friend, look past the surface of personal pain, and offer comfort to the inner being by seeing them for how they truly are – powerful and pure! From that perspective, you are adding to the energetic current of healing and total well being, and any action you take, If you are so inspired, will be much more effective.

It takes courage to be compassionate. Gather your strength from within, and you will prevail.

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