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Hope Johnson was birthed into a family within a group of Christian missionaries. As a child, Hope traveled with her family throughout the United States, and to a few other countries witnessing to people about their need to be saved by Jesus Christ.

Through her experiences, Hope learned that people are generally afraid of death, and that belief in the coming of another life (or something better in this life) was bringing them some sort of comfort. But deep down, Hope knew that all this belief was just imagination, and that there was more to life than suffering through this moment while waiting for the next one.

When Hope was 21 years old, she finally developed the courage to do the unthinkable as far as her missionary family was concerned. She turned her back on both Jesus Christ and on her family. She decided that Jesus was not her savior, and that she was going to pursue the life of her dreams on her own.

Hope was very successful in this endeavor as far as the ego was concerned. She enjoyed a romantic relationship with the type of man she would only dream about as a child, she appeared to have a very successful career and she had three beautiful children in private school. For awhile, it was obvious to Hope that getting out from under her family’s control and her blind faith in Jesus was serving her very well.

In her late 20’s, Hope started to feel what most people would call ‘burnout’. She had become a talented Paralegal, and she enjoyed her job because it made her feel important, intelligent and successful. But she started to notice each morning as she drove to work, she would wonder – “Is this all there is to life?”. As Hope’s life went forward, she became more and more “successful” in her endeavors – but this question still loomed “Is this all?”.

Hope shoved that question down for several years, but then in her early 30’s, Hope felt that her decade long relationship with her husband was headed toward divorce. Her once loving union with the man of her dreams had somehow morphed into a loveless power struggle that made her feel horribly lost and alone.

In addition to what looked like the utter failure of her marriage, Hope noticed that her relationship with her children was one of control, manipulation and judgment. This made her persistent career burnout look pale in comparison to the turmoil Hope felt around the members of her own immediate family.

Hope did some introspection and somehow she knew ‘there is more to life’ – which incidentally opened her awareness for what was to come. From there, Hope’s sister in law handed her a book that spoke of a reality beyond thought. As soon as she started reading that book, Hope immediately felt a deep resonance, which made her Thirsty for more.

Hope soon discovered that appreciating anything immediately uplifted her energy, so she would remind herself throughout every day to take a break in her normal thinking and appreciate whatever she could find that would merit appreciation in her perception.

By that time she owned a construction business which required her to drive quite a bit on crowded California freeways, so Hope found appreciation in focusing on Trees, Bushes, Flowers – however sparse they appeared on the side of the freeway. At home, Hope would walk around her house thanking and appreciating everything from the Plant Kingdom that was in her field of sight.

Suddenly there was no shortage of resources. Hope was constantly being presented with information and insight that led out of conditioned mind, and Hope’s vision of absolute freedom was becoming clearer and more believable in her perception.

Eventually, Hope noticed a yoga class at the gym where she normally worked out with weights and cardio machines. She tried the class out, and felt the practice calling to her. So she started doing yoga a couple of times per week.

At some point, Hope started noticing that she was getting spontaneous insights and understanding about things she did not already know, while in the shower. She said to whatever was delivering these insights that she would like to write them down and would be delighted if they would come when Hope was not in the shower. At that moment, an inner voice said ‘Social Media’ – and Hope knew in that instant it was time to create social media accounts.

As soon as Hope’s accounts were active, the insights started to flow more freely, and Hope was delighted to share these healing messages with anyone who was curious. Of course she received a lot of criticism and condemnation as well, but for the most part she enjoyed that too!

Within one month of sharing on social media, a friend offered to build Hope a website where this information could be disseminated more widely. Hope agreed, and thewaytotheway.com was born.

Soon thereafter, Hope cancelled her gym membership (which was a Large part of her personal identity), and started practicing yoga at home. Eventually that became Kundalini Yoga – a yogic practice that’s designed to balance to the Chakras and invite the Divine Feminine Energy at the base of the spine to Rise into Union with the Crown.

As she continued to question her thought created limitations, Hope received quite a bit of resistance and ridicule from her immediate family, and from other people who thought they knew her. But Hope just appreciated that this too was part of her path, and gradually, all of her relationships were transformed to reflect the more loving and peaceful perspective that Hope was living.

In just a few short years, Hope’s relationship with her long time husband became as fresh as when they were first dating, only now there’s a quality of experience and depth, whereby both Hope and her husband are able to draw more fulfillment from their union than ever thought possible.

A bit more of a challenge for Hope, has been her relationship with her children. After all, Hope was conditioned in her childhood to believe that kids are nuisances, pains in the ass, stressful and need to be controlled. Hope just watched the painful feelings, thoughts and reactions to her children from the awareness that All is Well.

Over time, Hope’s awareness was filled with great appreciation for her children and for the important part they play in helping to unravel the conditioned mind. Naturally, the relations between Hope and her children continue to grow in tenderness, acceptance, love and respect for one another.

Hope enjoys feeling the energy of conditioning ‘against the child’ as it arises in her awareness, because she’s confirmed that by embracing and not reacting to her emotion, a new momentum is created through the body/mind that will eventually heal the child within everyone.

Also, within a relatively short time frame after Hope first realized that “there is more to life”, Hope was summoned by a powerful energetic force to make her home on the Big Island Hawaii, where the Light of her Inner Flame has since become like a Bonfire which can Light the Way for those who are willing to embrace Absolute Freedom. Hope lives surrounded by plant spirits in the form of beautiful gardens that her husband tends out of love and appreciation for the land, and deep reverence for the Life Force that moves and breathes everything.

In addition to her continued sharing on social media and via her website, Hope has the honor of sharing through Miracle Botanicals, an essential oil business which she uses as a medium to flow the Divine Energy of Compassion to assist in dissolving limiting thought patterns for anyone who comes in contact with them.

At the time of this writing, Hope has completed her first Awakening Retreat in October 2013, and the next one is scheduled for October 2nd – 9th, 2014. To learn more about Hope’s upcoming retreat, Click Here.

Hope is also working on a Book called The One Relationship with Tigmonk, and she is also recording fun and insightful videos with Tigmonk, which will be available online soon.


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