When we make other people follow our rules for living, we create suffering for everyone. NoBody, not children, employees, countries, the self etc. deserve to have discipline imposed upon them.

Commitment to live the virtues of Love is born out of experimentation, stillness and self reflection.

But when people are forced to conform to the disciplinarian’s code of conduct (even when done out of love), the energy that would have expressed otherwise breeds quiet desperation, resentment and dis-ease.

People simply can’t be kept in check forever. Eventually their inner pain will materialize in the world of form.
This plays out as abuse of all kinds, terrorism, war, accidents, illness and suicide.

The most difficult thing for the conditioned mind is to just let people (self and others) be as they are, and attend to any emotional discomfort that arises around our perception of the offending behavior. This is especially true when it comes to our children, whom we think we are supposed to mold into decent people.

But know that this is a necessary thing if we intend our individual and collective experience to be moved toward Peaceful Freedom. We are fully supported whether we choose Control or Freedom – and whatever we choose will be exponentially reflected back to us.

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