Ego is Meant to be a Tool for Authentic Expression

“Ego” is the label “we” have given to the thinking process that allows “us” to (among other things) sense separate forms. All outward expression is also directed through ego – but consciously choosing thought can deliver individual awareness from living as the mechanical expression of ego to using ego as a tool to come Alive as a unique expression of the authentic self.

It’s not a matter of choosing or preferring the spiritual (authentic) self over the material (ego created) self. There is really no material self – that is only illusion – a tool for the spiritual self to experience and express in the material world.

To the extent the material self is expressive of the authentic self, the individual’s gifts and talents are expressed to their full potential, stress is eliminated, and individual effort becomes effortless.

For most people, their resistance to discussing the workings of ego is based in ego created fear that the material self may be viewed as “wrong”. But in reality, there is nothing right or wrong about what the ego expresses, and the self image cannot really be diminished in value irrespective of the thoughts believed or action taken.

Indeed, every individual is always doing the best they can to create as much Joy possible – based on the information and consciousness available to their perception at the time.

Love and honor the gift of the material self – and it effortlessly glorifies the “me” that is All. But believe that you are the material self, and attract thoughts that render the it a slave to ego programming. This is how it works irrespective of whether anyone pays attention to ego.

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