Ego Purpose

The ego’s purpose is to provide our unique field of awareness with a sense of individuality and separation in order to make a life experience possible. The ego is programmed to protect our individual self from suffering, and thus it buries anything that is potentially painful to look upon.

While we are identified with the ego self, our shadows or skeletons are harmful to the physical and emotional body, and are best kept out of our awareness. Eventually though, they tend to become so powerful that the ego is no longer able to contain what has been hidden, and our phantoms manifest as extreme emotion or physical dis-ease.

However, when we observe what has been hidden from the perspective of our conscious Being (not ego identification), any suffering is only superficial and temporal as that which has been exposed is gracefully released. In this way, we create more energy, clarity, and an enhanced life experience.

We’re never given more of a challenge than we’re ready for – it’s just a matter of re-centering and staying focused on calm consciousness during times of perceived crisis.

The most difficult moments come from self judgment or fear of the unknown. Remember you have done nothing wrong and the Universe is always focused on guidance toward your highest benefit.

As we continue on the path of awakening to the true Self, we are able to understand more of what is being revealed, and thus we notice spontaneous insight occurring more often. While there are still peaks and valleys with respect to the difficulty of our challenges, they progressively get easier as the benefits become even more rewarding.

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    April 27, 2010

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