Enjoyment Eases Suffering

Laughing BuddhaUnwillingness to allow pleasure/joy/comfort/luxury for your self does nothing but create more suffering for your inner/outer world.

Specifically, the people who appear to be suffering in your world are only a reflection of your consciousness.

In this way, the more you focus on their perceived suffering, the more you suffer, and the more you suffer – the more your world must reflect that suffering back to you in the form of ‘other’ people.

So go ahead and be proactive – enjoy all that life is offering Now, and effortlessly uplift the energy of your world simply by being who you’ve always been.

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  1. Ronda LaRue
    February 20, 2012

    Thank you for this! In fact I, even as a spiritual teacher, had fallen into that place of “forgetting” to enjoy and the uplifting reflection is mirrors to all…

    An appreciated message of staying awake to our conscious reflections! YES


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