Experience of Perceive – Correcting Others

What I call “Nit Picking” is a strategy that I’ve used to get other people’s expression to align with my own point of view. Even though I spoke of unity, and desperately wanted to experience unity with other people, I also saw our differences as separation, and as such, I needed to make myself superior.

I felt proud of the superiority I created for myself because I “knew” that I was right, and that I could correct other people’s errors in perception if they would only listen to me. It all came from a place of deep caring and love for the whole, but it was clouded with the confusion of perceiving other people in duality.

When people would express to me that my words were being perceived as hurtful and/or demeaning, I told myself that the other person’s feelings had nothing to do with me…which made me deny our human connection, and especially how it felt to be perceived as less than loving.

I was like “hey, I’m just having a good time over here, why are people being so sensitive?”. What I didn’t see is that my “good time” was really reassuring myself that I was superior since my expression could make upset for other people while I was totally unaffected.

Once I saw this clearly, I noticed that my mind wanted to jump into shaming myself for all the hurt I had caused for other people, but God’s Grace has already moved to re-mind me that all of my experiences are immensely valuable…and the shameful thoughts had no power over me.

From my experience, I have discovered that just allowing myself to sincerely feel what comes up in me, below the surface of the concepts and philosophy, reveals the truth to my mind every single time… And the truth instantly restores harmony to my mind, even if I still perceive disharmony in another person.

In this way, compassion is naturally allowed to move my voice and share itself through me…And if I miss the mark in allowing compassion, that’s a blessing in and of itself. So I thank God and continue to receive the blessings.

May all beings live together in harmony!


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