Fearless Love

The love that you feel for anyone in your perception is emotional – energy that is constantly in flux between polar opposites of conditional love and fear. Emotion is the feeling response to what’s being imagined, and every feeling is entirely dependent upon the imagined comparison to its polar opposite.


In this way, the more you believe your emotional love to be real, the more you are magnetizing fear for your experience.


Specifically, by believing in the truth of feeling, the belief that ‘separation is truth’ is also activated on a subtle level. Belief in separation creates a tension in the mind that makes love feel extreme (anxious), and extreme feeling is an indication that its opposite polarity has been activated, and is now being attracted for your experience.


Your true identity is Love that transcends imagination – it remains consistent irrespective of what is perceived. Simply by remembering, during moments of extreme emotion, that you create your own feeling, and that your ability to create is not dependent upon the ‘other’ – you allow beliefs in separation to be dissolved.


As beliefs are dissolved, fragments of self also dissolve, and a state of wholeness arises from within. From the perspective of wholeness, emotional love (and all feeling) is still experienced, but now with a depth that knows no fear.

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