Feeling Distraught?

You’re Right to feel angry, worried, sad or resentful. After all, your life experience has taught you that things SHOULD be different than they are.

But you have the option to treat these feelings as signals which point to thought patterns that can be released. You might try indulging in the dis-eased feeling, with the remembrance that everything SHOULD be just as it is.

This may exacerbate the pain at first, but as you keep reminding your self of the Truth, it does get easier. You CANNOT get it wrong, so if you’re inspired to create more EASE in your life – just go for it…and keep going.

There are secret doorways in the mind that lead outside of the patterns of pain that humanity has been habitually identifying with. AND if you muster up the WILL to keep focusing your awareness on what’s really True – those doorways will find you.

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