Flowing Resources

The more skill you develop toward calculating and protecting your Resources, the more you resist the Effortless Abundance of which you are worthy.

All material Resources are Gifts of Grace – they do not come out of your self. The self is an instrument of perception, and any Work that you think you’ve done serves only as ‘proof’ to the mind that you are deserving of the resources you now appear to possess.

Accordingly, you’re invited to offer more of your energy of awareness for taking delight in your Vision; and whenever you notice tense thoughts about HOW you are going to make that vision manifest – you’re invited to focus on the breath and rest in silence.

As for the resources, they always take care of themselves. To the extent you offer resources out of an inspired feeling, the resources necessary for the next step in the direction of your Vision will show up right on time.

If you take steps in frustration, greed, worry etc., that’s great too! The resistance you put in will continue to take form as barriers that appear to prevent you from manifesting according to your Vision. The more the root cause of these ‘barriers’ is realized, the easier it becomes to Let Go and Let God.

All Resources are Gifts of Love. Let them Flow!!




Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information hope@thewaytotheway.com

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