Forever Young

Through life experience, the ego develops tools for navigating in the material world. But the human soul never ages nor does it care about worldly conditions.

The soul’s sense of freedom, coupled with the worldly tools we develop through life experience, presents the unique opportunity for us humans to actively participate in the fulfillment of our desires. However, as we learn about the material world, we also come to believe in the illusion of separation.

In illusion, we experience emotions that we cannot release because we are not aware that the underlying thoughts are untrue.  Because life experience has caused many of us to forget who we are, fear permeates our thought process, and instead of feeling more freedom as we age physically – we create bondage for ourselves in our own minds.

But the spirit does not change.  It knows complete freedom and unbounded Joy just like we did as very young children. The soul always yearns for new experiences, but most of us deny it as we continue with the habits that define and protect the self image created by our egos.

As we continue to deny the voice of spirit, the ego must become more of a master in our lives. While the ego can be very capable and well endowed with material abilities and talents, it is also very limited by what it knows to be true from memory and emotion.

When we live from ego, we feel trapped by our circumstances and bound to the life we have created. Moreover, with the ego as master, we quickly begin to feel the restrictions of physical age.

Eventually it becomes commonplace to tell ourselves that we are “too old” when we hear the subtle call of spirit to create something new.  Because our bodies follow our thoughts, we create dis-ease and discomfort in our bodies as we age physically.

But the soul never ages, and it is intricately connected to the Divine source of infinite possibilities and Love. Whatever the soul wants to do, it can do! It only requires a physical body and brain that is receptive to all possibilities.

The soul is always calling the ego, like an innocent child asking if it may be, do and have what it desires.  Every time we say “no” with thoughts of restriction or unworthiness, we suppress the only part of us that is real.

But we can reunite with our innocent childlike soul in any moment. All we have to do is allow our thoughts to follow our spirit as we delight in every desire that crosses our awareness.

Lay down your mental resistance, and allow your thoughts to follow your wildest dreams. Trust that your desires will be fulfilled in perfect time, and you will know your call to action because it feels every bit as Joyful as the thoughts that have prepared you for the moment at hand.

Irrespective of physical age, integrate your ego with the ageless spirit that you have always been and live your potential now.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information

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