Forgive the Attacker

When we are able to unconditionally forgive our attackers, there will be no more attacks.

For every attacker comes from within. The external attack is only a reflection of lack of forgiveness aka fear.

This isn’t about trying to control what’s going to happen – that only leads to more suffering.

We all hold memories of being attacked in different forms, whether physically, verbally, financially, etc. With those memories we automatically attach judgment that something went wrong, fear that it will happen again, and a need to keep it from happening again.

This way of being projects an energetic charge from aura that powerfully attracts more of what we are not wanting for ourselves and for the world – no matter what measures we take in the physical. Thus, the key to creating a more loving environment is in diffusing the energetic charge within our own field of awareness – ie: forgiveness.

How to forgive? Feel into the energetic charge that arises in our bodies when we think about the attacker, focus on breathing without pausing, and let the corresponding thoughts rise and fall on their own.

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