Forgiveness and Compassion

Forgiveness is the key to compassionate communication. Forgiveness happens when we fully realize that what we perceived to be hurtful behavior was an innocent attempt to get Love.

This does not mean we purposely subject ourselves to hurtful behavior or consciously engage in hurtful behavior.

When we perceive hurtful behavior (whether in the moment or as a reverberation from a past memory) , we create space for ourselves – not drama. If need be, we let other people know we require some time alone – we don’t make anyone out to be wrong.

We breathe consciously while feeling into and embracing the energetic resonance that creates our perception of hurtful behavior, and allow that resonance to change and subside on its own.

We hold space for ourselves in this way for as long and as often as necessary. We know forgiveness has occurred when we are no longer holding the person (self or other) in condemnation about the behavior, we no longer feel remorseful or victimized by it, and we can appreciate the awakening opportunity that has been presented.

From this perspective, we can see clearly whether communication and/or conscious physical movement into alignment with our present truth is necessary – and we can proceed effortlessly in the energy of Compassion.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information, or register to attend one of her upcoming retreats Here.

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