Forgiveness Heals

Statements about needing to change something in the world, or that anyone needs protection from anything, is the voice of the self limiting beliefs which can only come from a place of fear. It is the fear that we keep buried in our psyche which creates all conflict for ourselves and for the world.

The need to “do good” comes from our egocentricattachment to self importance, and leads to the opposite of what we are trying to create. Of course “do gooders” are wonderful people – they just don’t yet understand how creation happens.

The only real way to make our perspective manifest is to work within. When we notice something in our experience that is less than Joyful, it is the call of our source to evolve ourselves in the direction of our new perspective. However, since most humans are addicted to fear, we see contrast as a need to control something in the world.

As we release our fear, we become more energetically aligned with the solution, and thereby we have less interest in repeating what we perceive as the problem. Instead of comparing what is to what could be, we simply move forward toward the manifestation of our new creation.

Everything we perceive is a reflection of what’s within, and when we forgive ourselves for our inner conflict as it arises, we heal the world. But when we try to act out of discord, the outer world just becomes a manifestation of our deeply imbedded fear – and we know when we have been doing this because we notice more things that we perceive as “bad” in our experience.

We are all in this together! When we see anyone struggling with circumstances, we can only truly heal them by healing the part of ourselves that created the dis-ease.

The source of all conflict in our experience comes from within. Let’s forgive ourselves and evolve!

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