Free Energy

Free Energy

Time is Art, Energy is Free and Resources can flow from incalculable sources.

We've been programmed to put 'dollars per hour' value on the Energy we share in service to our world. This causes us to exert control over the limitless Energy thats meant to enrich our world and reflect back to us in like kind.

Through this programming, we have forgotten that Time was created for Artful Expression, that Love is Free Energy and that the Energy projected through us is always generously returned.

This does not mean we need to immediately quit our jobs, or stop charging a fee for our services. It's just a matter of recognizing that we are Creative Beings, that our Creative Energy is Free - and in that recognition, allowing our Energy to flow freely whenever we can do so without expected reciprocation.

As we come to recognize and live these Truths our world evolves to reflect the same.

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