When I suggest giving up the personal me, I’m not suggesting to pretend you don’t have a body/mind that moves in this world and interacts with others. It’s about giving up desires, concerns, judgments, worry, expectations, and every other idea so that your body/mind may be used by the greater totality of who you are.

Conditioned mind feels very afraid of this suggestion because it believes that without personal identification, there would be no caring for the self or for this world.

But the truth is that personal identification is what riddles perception with false things, which creates a wall of deception that prevents communion with one another and with what is. It keeps the mind feeling separate and afraid, and thus projects separation and fear for the self and into the world.

In this way, the person who tries to care is violent and impotent, even if they look caring on the surface of things.

Specifically, the mind that’s occupied with its own content, cannot be caring in the moment at hand because Awareness is absent. The mind may become occupied with ideas about caring, and what it means to care, but in the moment, it can only project lack of caring because the occupation of thought in and of itself keeps Awareness from entering.

Unlike personally identified mind, the mind occupied by pure Awareness cares for the moment at hand in the same way a loving mother cares for her child. In the light of Awareness, Love is nurtured and nothing is rejected or resisted because all is Love.

There is nothing to try to do or be for this. It happens effortlessly when it’s recognized that all of the mind’s commentary is not true.

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