Go With the Flow

Most of us who try to use the Law of Attraction get discouraged very quickly because we get ideas about what we want – only to be disappointed when they don’t manifest.  But the Law works based on our vibratory resonance or dissonance to the Divine flow of the Universe – not like a genie just magically granting every wish.

It’s important to remember that we are not our bodies or our minds, but the spirit that expresses through them. Our minds are very limited, and thus they can never know what the spirit wants.

While every desire is Divine and honorable, each one is also a creative invitation for the mind to get into rhythm with the Joyful nature of the Universe.   When our vibratory offering is in perfect rhythm and flowing with spirit, we become conduits for our true Self to express through our bodies and minds – and our lives unfold effortlessly and gloriously.

But in practice, we tend to attach ourselves to specific outcomes – meaning we make ourselves feel dependent on something in the material world to make us happy.  This feeling of attachment is rooted in emotion, and its energy is counterproductive for creating anything we want.

Specifically, when we feel emotionally attached to anything, it’s because we are afraid of feeling how we felt before when we didn’t get what we wanted. This causes our energy to be expressed through emotion, and is exactly what keeps us from creating our lives according to our true desires.

The path of least resistance is very difficult to see while when our vision is impeded by the emotions that underlie our attachment. That’s why it’s imperative that we expose our emotions to the Light of our awareness if we expect to move forward in life.

Through practice and attention, we can release that which binds us to what we know – and open ourselves to the blessings that are presently unknown. By staying alert and attentive to every emotion, we can notice the physical and mental tension associated with attachment to our desires, and consciously observe them along with their associated thoughts.

By simply remembering that we are not our mind or emotion, we may be able to redirect our thoughts into alignment with what’s true about our real Self. But if the emotion does not immediately dissolve, that’s fine.

While in an emotional state, it’s helpful to take no action or as little action as possible so that we can just rest and observe our thoughts and feelings while consciously releasing tension in the body. Whenever we feel ready, another effort can be made to redirect our thoughts for improvement of our emotional/vibratory offering.

It’s common for feelings of failure or self-judgment to present themselves in conjunction with an extreme emotional state. But by loving ourselves unconditionally, we release the layers of self-judgment that otherwise prevent us from accessing and exposing the root cause of emotional attachment.

There is no hurry, but the time is always now to be presently present. Expose yourself to yourself in order to release attachment and deliver your body and mind into vibratory resonance with the Divine flow.

The most difficult thing we have to do is release mental tension about how anything turns out. As we release, we begin to recognize the Divine flow and learn to ride it’s rhythm toward the fulfillment of our destiny.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information hope@thewaytotheway.com, or register to attend one of her upcoming retreats Here.

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