God is Love

Heart ChakraLove is the true nature of every human being.  Our spirit is pure Love, and contrary to many belief systems, we are not inherently wicked, evil or sinful.  The belief that we are anything other than Love comes from our identification with mind.

Through mind identification, we have conditioned ourselves with the idea that we must be unholy because the mind capable of what we consider “evil”.  When we recognize that mind is nothing more than a tool for identifying and filtering the information we receive through our senses, we can be open to our true Loving nature.

Through the filter of mind, we sense the experiences of this time-space reality.  Mind subconsciously evaluates everything.  When our internal response to experiences is extreme emotion, our bodies and brains become attuned to repeat those patterns in the mind.

When we are in any emotion that is short of an expression of Unconditional Love, we feel less at ease in our minds and/or in our bodies.  This is because the core of our Being is pure Love, and our mind’s identification with anything less is resistant to our true essence.

We are made aware that we are in a destructive thought pattern through uncomfortable or painful feelings in the body and/or mind.  If we try to ignore or resist those feelings, we may feel better from a thinking standpoint.  But unless we expose those patterns to the Light of awareness, the brain and body become even more attuned to the patterns that caused our dis-ease as we accumulate more life experience.

Many of us look outside ourselves for that which is pure and holy while continuing to condition our mind identified beliefs that we are powerless and sinful.  Indeed, the mind’s propensity to separate self from Love has even induced the human mind to create gods who are separate from us.

It’s difficult to see ourselves as pure positive beings when we believe ourselves to be separate from what we know as “God”, the source of all love, joy and knowledge.  However, when we honor the holiness of all things in creation, we also realize that we are separate from nothing – and we are especially not separate from Love aka God.

The reality is that God is Love, and Love is the source of everything, including the human spirit.  By exposing the shadows created by mind to the light of the Love within us, the shadows fade away without fight or resistance.  This can be accomplished through Transforming our Emotions.

When we connect with the source of everything, God is expressed as the unlimited power within each of us.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information hope@thewaytotheway.com


  1. JR
    September 27, 2009

    I’m browsing your blog on spirituality and diet. We are similar in many regards. You may find my blog interesting: mostly on spirituality and economics/trends (you also mention “opportunity” a few times): jrfibonacci.wordpress.com

    You wrote this: “our minds are capable of evil.” I think that you might already agree that our minds are capable of labeling something as evil or “what should not be,” then typically resisting it, thus potentially amplifying it.

    The mind is sometimes called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (or of judgment against God’s creation, AKA shame). In service of the heart, the discerning mind is very valuable. The mind is never the issue- neither problem nor solution- just a tool like a screwdriver or hammer or pencil. Nourishing the heart (and I mean metaphorically in particular, but a raw diet might help as well) automatically nourishes the branch of that tree of eternal life which we may call mind or intellect.

    My take is that “negative emotion” is a label that the mind may put on certain physical experiences, like if there is a surge of adrenalin and shaking and tremoring in the muscles, we may label that fear. However, it’s not negative per se. It is energy for repulsion- like for fleeing from something or activating us into some prudent action to discontinue something that clearly isn’t working or is perceived to be dangerous.
    It’s the intelligence of divine instinct which we may or may not resist.

    Worry, however- like agonizing- is quite distinct from mere fear or fright. Worry is a dis-ease state, in fact worrying is THE process of dis-easing, dis-ordering. However, when a present order is not working, dis-ordering is… an expression of divine intelligence again.

    In addition to being a primal dieter and trends forecaster, I am a student and practitioner of neuro-linguistics. In the realm of electricity, sure, positive and negative are partners. We can also distinguish between attraction and repulsion, like magnetics or anything else. Anything which we move away from- say, an unexpected loud noise that startles us- we might call “evil,” but that word is given a lot of use were “scary” might be more precise.

    In neuro-linguistics, there is no negation. Grammatically, sure there is negation, but “do not think of a pink elephant” requires conceiving of a pink elephant. Language always stimulates neurological pathways, like one that may create a picture of a pink elephant through the visual cortex. There is no “absence of stimulation” in any communication, just varieties of stimulation in each communication. “Only losers use drugs” is classic psychological warfare, with the “hidden in plain sight” ambiguity being that a billboard that says “only losers use drugs” does not distinguish between drugs that are legal or not. The term “negative emotions” makes as much sense to me objectively as negative fingers or negative soundwaves or negative taste- except in the realm of conducting psychological warfare, in which the term “negative emotions” again reaching the unconscious mind as a program to repress all emotions. To the unconscious mind “negative emotions” is processed as defining emotions themselves as negative. Combine that with a dualist or good-evil dichotomy statement about “positive emotions,” and the subconscious mind “melts” and, if a computer, would produce an error message like “does not compute.” So, I invite you to “watch your words,” especially the “negative” ones. 😉

    1. Hope Johnson
      September 28, 2009

      My definition of an evil mind is one that buries the true nature of our being. Since we are all inherently good and holy, we cannot really be evil in the most common sense of the word. Likewise, no emotion or feeling is really negative – they are instructive as to how close or distant we are from our true selves – which is pure love and free of emotion. I use the word negative because it depicts feeling that is painful, uncomfortable or are otherwise short of joy/love/knowing – and worry certainly falls into this category. I don’t like to get too hung up on words especially when certain words can help people to understand an overall concept.

      I am not a practitioner of neuro-linguistics, and have only heard the term a few times in my life. I rely on intuition, instinct, independent research and conversation with smart dudes like you to develop and better understand my ideas and beliefs.

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