Government is a Reflection of Belief

I always appreciate hearing news about how our government is regulating this or that in order to impede our freedoms. It’s good to know when we have created something unwanted so that we may direct our thoughts into alignment with the solution.

Because the mind is rational and logical, our first reaction in response to what we perceive as governmental abuse is to project Fearful thoughts – thus creating the perception that there is a ‘need’ to fight, manipulate, win, hide and/or cheat. However, government, with it’s purpose of controlling the behavior of ‘bad’ people so that ‘good’ people can live freely is created and sustained by the energy of Fear; and only True Love can transform Fearful energy.

When thoughts about government feel disturbing, it indicates that those thoughts are fueling the energetic current that’s programmed to create more disturbing manifestations. Without the energetic support (fearful thought offerings) of the collective awareness, government could not even exist much less exercise control over people.

Likewise, when thoughts about other people feel disturbing, and it feels better to think about the prospect of government controlling them, individual responsibility is denied while government is afforded greater control over what is eternally free – Your Awareness.

You are not separate from government. It is exactly as you have created it based on all thought that you have offered from your individualized perspective in this lifetime and from every other perspective from which you have experienced Life since the beginning of time.

By simply noticing anything about government that feels disturbing, one gives their self the power to redirect thoughts from vibratory alignment with what’s considered to be the ‘problem’ to vibratory alignment with what’s considered to be the ‘solution’.

This is not to suggest that it would be beneficial to mask feelings of disturbance or to pretend that disturbing things are not in your perception.  It’s important to be present to your perception and feelings in order to recognize the resistance in you that is making you feel like a victim while projecting your victim consciousness onto government.

The more you practice being present, you are gradually shifting and expanding the focus of your individualized awareness, thus allowing the both your self and the collective Self to be more receptive to possibilities that lead to the heart’s desires. From there you have only to seize opportunities as they arise by followig the path of Joy toward all the newness that you have created in thought.

Mind the mind and allow your vision for your self and for the world to inform what you are offering in thought every day.

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