From Fear to Freedom

Every person is the same energy source having life experiences from different perspectives. Through individual perception of our environment, we are creating our shared reality.

Because most of us perceive certain “others” as fearful, that thought energy must manifest in the material world as people who evoke the fear within us. In our attempt to control so called fearful people, we have created legislative and judicial systems with laws, jails, regulations, fines, etc.

The more regulations we create, the more regulations we think we need because those pesky humans keep inventing more ways to disturb societal norms.  Likewise, the more jails and prisons we build, the more they fill to capacity, and we require new jails and prisons to control the overwhelming number of “bad” ones.

The more we try to control our fear from outside ourselves, the more we cultivate a system that controls us. Moreover, control never really eliminates the fear – it only masks it with a false sense of security in the belief that we are controlling someone else and thus avoiding harm.

In reality, our belief in the necessity for control is the energy that creates and sustains an entire system of power and greed which includes government, media and influential corporate interests. Through that system, we are conditioned as to how we are expected to act within rules that have been arbitrarily assigned labels of “good” and “bad”.

Instead of tuning to our internal guidance as to what benefits us as part of everything, we try to adhere to external knowledge of worldly expectations.  In doing so, we create a sense that we are powerless, afraid and in need of protection.

That protection comes in the form of societal conditioning and control which makes us willing slaves to the greed perpetuated corporate structure that runs the material world.  The only thing keeping this system of greed in power are the self limiting beliefs that we continue to project into our present moment.

This means that we hold the power to further create or deconstruct the system that controls us by consciously redirecting our thought patterns into alignment with what’s true within us.

Essentially, every system built on the energy of fear easily dissolves as our thoughts project the understanding that we are not separate from anything that has been created, safety and security come from our power within, and we do not require any sort of protection in the physical world.

The power to transform our government and our world is within each person because the systems’ power is only a manifestation of that which is within. One by one, as we become conscious of our unity and power, our shared reality is gradually being shifted toward individual freedom and global harmony.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information

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