Government, Taxation and God Consciousness

The One against government taxation and The One attached to government ‘benefits’ is creating the same dis-ease. Their energy is given to a dance of ignorance in the belief that freedom/joy/peace is based on circumstance.

Everything, as it is Now, how it has been, and how it will be is an expression of God. Whether you condemn government and taxation, or attach your (or other people’s) happiness to government ‘benefits’, you offer your energy of awareness to resist God’s creation.

In that resistance, the energy that says “people are not free unless certain conditions are met” projects from your individualized awareness; and any awareness that places conditions on freedom/joy/peace is based on a fearful mindset. Whenever your individualized awareness moves within fearful mindsets, your energy is given to create a reality that shows you manifestations of your fear.

For many people, fearful projections consistently launch from their awareness because they operate from a fearful foundation formed out of conditioned judgment, and all mental movement is based on judgment. Indeed, much individualized awareness is emotionally invested in the evolution of government and taxation.

There is no truth to how government and taxation affect anyone except as a mental projection. To the extent that one holds judgment that people can be victimized or saved by government and/or taxation, they create more ‘evidence’ that their judgment is ‘true’.

Repeatedly perceiving ‘evidence’ and then reinforcing self-limiting judgment with more belief has created a powerful emotional charge around the issue of government and taxation. That emotional charge says to God ‘give me more manifestations to focus upon in this way so that I may suffer enough to awaken from my slumber and remember who I AM’.

When you remember that its your state of mind, not anything the government does (or anything else you perceive), that causes personal suffering – whatever tax laws are passed and enforced may determine your course of action, but they will no longer trigger a painful or uncomfortable emotional response from you.

From the perspective of peace, you can navigate the current tax system to serve your purpose while creating a more peaceful life experience for your self and those ‘others’ in your world. Finally, as Earth-focused awareness transcends fear, the paradigm of government and taxation will dissolve along with the perceived ‘need’ to control people and resources.


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