Guilt-Free Eating

If the pork chop with grease and gravy over rice or the double chocolate mousse cake feels satisfying to you, please enjoy it without guilt.  Guilt is nothing but an unnecessary emotion which causes mental pain.

Let the guilt go and enjoy what you like.  One way to improve health is to feel better about yourself.

You can make slight changes toward improved health by incorporating all or any of the following:

–  whenever possible, eat a meal which includes plenty of uncooked fat and raw or lightly cooked grass-fed meat or raw fish.

– making or purchasing fresh organic veggie juice (no fruit or carrots – make the base celery or tomato) whenever possible.

– buying raw milk from grass-fed cows which are free of hormones and antibiotics; and having that as your drink whenever you feel like having something cold and satisfying.

If I were to eat a meal with cooked meat and/or fats, I would add something fermented to aid my digestion.  I think pickled ginger would compliment this meal well.

You don’t have to make any big commitment to health.  Just make small comfortable changes, and see where they take you.

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