Harmonizing Relationships!

If someBody gets angry with you, it doesn’t mean you did something wrong. It’s an opportunity to resolve any feelings of stress, tension, resentment, shame or fear that the perception of anger triggers in you.

While angry feeling is never your fault, you can take responsibility by creating space for the healing energy of compassion to emerge through your perception. To do so, breathe deeply and remember that according to the other someBody’s belief system, they have every right to be angry with you – and that belief is causing them pain.

Likewise, notice that your reactive feelings are based on your tightly held ideas of self, and what SHOULD be. To the extent you’re Willing to pay attention to your reactive feelings, with the intent to release the underlying ideas of self, you become the creator of harmony in your personal relations and in your world.

Much Love!! ♥ ♥

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