Healing From Abuse

If there is anyone you resent or have not forgiven, you are reading this because your soul wants to be revealed to you – and this message has been attracted by that wanting. The pain of your past has caused you to keep defending against it in body and mind, and while the following words resonate deeply with your soul, your ego will want to reject them out of fear that you will be harmed again.

This message is not intended to win your soul or change you in any way. You are perfect just as you are now.  Speaking of now, did you know that now is eternity, and your choice of focus is the creator of the events that will be? It has always been that way.

Biological imprints are pre-programmed into the subconscious mind from previous human experience, and even newborn babies are attracting the experiences that form their reality.  As long as we continue to allow the blueprint of the subconscious mind to shape our lives, our individual and shared reality continue to unfold according to that plan.

Every event, circumstance and person that you have ever experienced in your life was attracted to you by your own thought offering.  Whether those thoughts were offered in this life or a previous one, every physical manifestation is only an echo of the thought patterns that have come before.

Your true Self is Divine, innocent, pure, and all knowing. While this enduring Self bears witness to all experiences, the witness is NOT identified by any experience.

You don’t need to know why anything happened, but know that every uncomfortable or painful event is an invitation to evolve your awareness of truth, and replace old patterns with more favorable ones.  By harnessing the power of forgiveness, you can transform your emotions, your life, and the world.

The greater the challenge, the greater the reward, and dealing with abuse is an enormous challenge.

Our bodies and minds are extensions of the same conscious energy having experiences from different perspectives. Living in a material reality causes us to perceive one another as separate even though we are intricately connected through a single source energy.    This means that anyone who has acted to harm your physical and/or mental self is really another extension of You.

Anyone involved in your abuse was attracted to you just as you were attracted to them because your energetic frequencies were aligned. The vibrational patterns of every emotion resound into a future reality in time and space, and feelings of resent, malice, etc. can only project for that which we do not want to create.

Moreover, any feelings that we reject are repressed, and repressed feelings generate power until they overcome our will and burst out of us in the form of painful emotion. Holding on to your past causes it to project into your present, and imprisons you in the same or similar energetic patterns that have proven to be detrimental to your wellbeing.

The intent to Forgive is an important first step in removing yourself from this otherwise eternal dance of victim and perpetrator so that you may live in harmony and be a creator of peace.

This is a very personal and internal transition, and need not be made known to any other person. There is no need to have any contact with any person who committed an offense against you. Forgiveness releases feelings of dis-ease for the one who practices it, whether or not forgiveness is communicated to any other person.  By creating peace of mind for yourself, you are creating more peace in our shared reality for this and future generations (the greater part of You).

The way to forgiveness is through Love, which is cultivated by remembering who you are.  The understanding that you are intricately connected to everything else is instrumental in allowing Love to guide you into the recesses of your mind and body to dissolve that which prevents you from fully experiencing the present moment.

True forgiveness can only be accomplished through feeling, not thinking.  When you notice feelings of rage, anger, helplessness, depression, etc. associated with the past, breathe deeply into those feelings without interjecting thought. This allows the part of you that is pure Love to be present, and that presence dissolves the emotional charge of past events while healing old wounds.

This kind of deep healing is very effective yet not easily explained.  Any explanation of forgiveness must be a bit abstract because the experience is unique to each person and cannot be fully described through language.

It will become clearer the more you expose yourself to your Self.  Be present to the thoughts that cause you discomfort and remember that those thoughts are not the real You, but associations made by your subconscious mind.

If anyone’s words cause you discomfort, it means you are taking something personal, and this can only happen when you perceive yourself as your self-image (ego).  The discomfort you feel is an indication that your attention is being called to expose what has been hidden from your awareness, and to discover what’s true in you.

It’s not easy for the subconscious mind to allow Love for those who have caused you harm. Our vibrational offerings are habits that have been developed over lifetimes, and in most cases they are not quickly redirected to serve us.  But if you remain curious to the possibility, the benefits will begin to speak for themselves.

Free your soul from the prison of the past, allow your real Self to radiate through your awareness and live without limitation.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information hope@thewaytotheway.com


  1. Jacqueline
    April 13, 2010

    I couldn’t agree more about the importance and value of forgiveness. No healing occurs in a heart that won’t forgive.
    Thank you for sharing this Spirit-centered post.
    Many Blessings,

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