Healing is a Thought Process

There’s no person that’s more or less healed than another person. People are nothing but projections of thought structures that have been formed according to belief in guilt and death.

While people can develop the ability to recognize illusions and thereby escape suffering from moment to moment, no person is separate or apart from the confusion and harm that’s so obviously being played out in the apparent world, and no person is other. 

In fact, the personal self and all other persons arise only in perception, and reflect that which is untrue. 

Because all people are of the same body and the same mind, every perception of dis-ease is a chance to recognize the unreality of thought processes that hold dis-ease in place….which equals healing. 

Even healing itself is a thought process, but it’s one that will endure until perception is completely healed, and the world that’s been made in darkness no longer remains. 

In this way, the aim of healing is not for a few special people to attain the status of “healed” for themselves…the aim of healing is to totally deconstruct the collective dream of separation and fear.

All people share the same healing purpose, and each person naturally attracts other people who are best suited to be both teacher and student in this regard.

Healing comes through people but it’s not for any person in particular. True healing is a thought process that forgives thought processes which insist on guilt and death being real.

When healing is complete, no people will remain. There will be nobody left to proclaim that they are healed. 

In loving appreciation! 
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