Healthy Cholesterol

Don’t believe the hype about high cholesterol. A cholesterol number is a completely insignificant factor when it comes to measuring heath.

Cholesterol is a protective substance manufactured by the liver in the amount your body determines to be optimum in order to maintain wellbeing. Attempting to control the amount of cholesterol being produced is counterproductive to the body’s intelligence.

Study after study has shown that it is not the amount of cholesterol, but the oxidation rate which causes hypertension. Oxidation happens when consumed free radicals react with cholesterol in the body.

Massive amounts of free radicals are created when oils are exposed to sunlight, oxygen or heat. Such as with rancid, refined or hydrogenated oils, cooked fatty meat, pasteurized dairy and thoroughly cooked eggs.

Eating healthy fat can neutralize these free radicals as well as plaque, and escort them from the body. Thus, the best defense against cholesterol related disease is to eat a diet that contains plenty of unheated fats and oils, especially coconut oil, raw meat and dairy from grass-fed cows, raw wild fatty fish such as salmon or yellow tail belly, and raw or sunny side up eggs from naturally raised free range chickens.

It is also important to avoid or eliminate all heated fats, especially fried and burned fatty foods, including refined and hydrogenated oils (this includes canola oil). When these foods are consumed, it is a good idea to FOLLOW the food with high fiber vegetables it order to sweep the intestines so that fewer of toxic substances are absorbed by the body.

How much fat should you eat? Every body is unique, so follow your own instincts.

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