Heaven is Here and Now

What we call Karma is either an exact match to the thoughts we have projected in this or past lives; or events in accordance with the life script we chose for ourselves before physical birth in this lifetime. Karma can be improved through appreciation despite ANY circumstances Рand our lives can unfold according to the specifications of our real Self aka God.

Jesus was an example of the astonishing power of “God” that is available to every human in equal measure. Heaven is here and we are in it – that’s why Jesus spoke with urgency saying things like “Heaven is in your midst” and “The Kingdom of God is at hand”.

Most people believe that Heaven is in another space and time because the conditional mind cannot comprehend that which is not already known. It’s a leap of faith to step out of the known and into the field of unlimited possibilities, but that’s the domain of God and the more direct route to Heaven.

As soon as we are willing to wake up in this time-space reality and realize who we are, we will begin creating peace and abundance for every creature through the Unconditional Love that is the source of our Being. Of course, no one can experience Heaven while they still believe that some of their fellow humans are going to Hell, or that they are inferior to anyone or anything.

Smile and be thankful that you have been given this experience to help you reevaluate and refine the thought offering (prayer) that you are projecting in every moment.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information hope@thewaytotheway.com

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