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Helichrysum essential oil has been known as one of the most sacred oils of all time. The French synonym of helichrysum is Immortelle, which means everlasting, as it is used throughout Europe for many medicinal and healing purposes.

Helichrysum is known to open the heart and clear old emotional wounds and suffering.

Helichrysum is regarded as a sacred and spiritual oil due to its ability to assist an emotionally exhausted and debilitated mind, as it is a releaser of Chi throughout the mind and body. Thus allowing Helichrysum to help one release the deepest of repressed emotions, restoring love, freedom, and compassion to the eternal soul.


General Information:

– Botanical Name: Helichrysum Italicum

– Botanical Family: Asteraceae

– Derived From: Helichrysum Flowers

– Origin: Morocco

– Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled from the flowers

– Aroma: Woodsy, Spicy, Strong, Honey-like

– Physical Description: Thick consistency, transparent, orange-red color

– Blends with: Bergamot, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Geranium, FrankincenseLavender, Lime, MandarinNeroli, Oakmoss, Orange, Petitgrain, RoseRosewood, Sage, Yarrow, Ylang-Ylang

– Reiki Charged: All of the essential oils offered by Miracle Botanicals are Reiki charged by Hope Johnson. The Helichrysum essential oil offered here has been charged with the intent to connect the mind, body, and spirit.

Helichrysum is extracted through steam distillation of the fresh flowers. The oil comes out to a deep orange-red color and it’s aroma is very woodsy, spicy, honey-like, and extremely strong. The Helichrysum plants can grow up to 2 feet tall and are brightly colored, daisy-like flowers.

Please note that there are many different types of Helichrysum flowers, however, only the Helichrysum italicum is used for aromatherapy purposes.



– Emotions: Helichrysum is made up of the chemical components of alcohols and esters, which help one to be calm and relaxed, thus being a very effective stress reliever. Helichrysum contains the highest amount of Neryl Acetate, a serotinum, which greatly helps with the assist of deep emotional work; encourages spirituality; opens the heart and clears old emotional wounds and suffering; clears mental exhaustion; restores love and compassions; connects the mind, body, and spirit.

– Skincare: Used to treat dermatitis, eczema, and inflammation. Helichrysum contains a high concentration of di-ketones, which are compounds containing two carbonyl groups, which assists greatly with inflammation and regeneration of cells. Thus allowing Helichrysum to heal wounds, scar tissue, and aged scar tissue.

– Physical: Helichrysum contains a compound called Hepatic, which detoxes the liver, allowing release of congestion, neutralized effects of nicotine and caffeine, and helps cure herpes. Helichrysum is also used for arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, and muscular aches and pains. One of the main components of Helichrysum is serotinum, which includes a high level of Neryl Acetate. Neryl Acetate gives the oil its anti-spasmodic properties, which allows muscle relaxing, as well as muscular knot releasing effects. Helichrysum also contains curcumenes, which are potent inflammates that help release inflammation as well as heavy metals throughout the body.

Helichrysum essential oil, applied to an open wound stop bleeding very quickly and encourages rapid healing. It’s also great for sunburned skin. Blend 2-5 drops per tsp of jojoba or other very emollient carrier oil and apply often.

– Spiritual: Releases deep and subtle emotional trauma, allowing patience and relaxation; Stimulates right side of the brain, increasing creativity; increases dream activity; when used in meditation, it encourages spirituality and personal growth.


Chakras Affected:

– First Chakra: Represents Courage, Passion, and Loyalty. This chakra allows one to be grounded and connected to the Earth.

– Second Chakra: Connects Spirituality and Sexuality; Promotes Creativity and Procreation

– Third Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra instills the ability to adapt to new situations and ideas, by enhancing inner strength

– Fifth Chakra: Calms and opens the heart; promotes love, compassion, and patience. Heals emotional wounds, especially sexually traumatic energies



– Physical Flower: Red, Orange, and Yellow

– Oil: Red, Orange, and Yellow

– Etheric: Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Red


Contraindications: Avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Methods of Usage:

– Neat: Place a drop or two directly onto clean and intact skin. A couple drops on the wrists, shoulders, temples or neck imparts a strong woodsy and honey-like aroma. Note: Helichrysum should not be used undiluted on facial skin, and should only be used undiluted on the skin for fragrance purposes only, as it is too concentrated to be healing when used neat.

– Blended with Carrier: Use 5 drops per 1 TBL of carrier oil such as grapeseed, rosehip, jojoba or hazelnut oils, and massage over any area where you would like for healing to occur.

– Bath: Place 8 drops into 3 handfuls of bath salt and disperse, or add 8 drops to vodka or whole milk and disperse.

– Shower: Soak for at least 3 minutes in steamy shower, then with the water off or turned away from the body, allow 5-7 drops to fall in the palm of the hand and distribute all over wet body (not face). The oil will penetrate very quickly, and the body can be rinsed again, or not.

– Diffusor: Follow diffusor manufacturer’s instructions, but typically add about 8 drops.

– Room Deodorizer: Add 15 drops per 2oz distilled water and spray as desired.

Technique to Release Emotional and Physical Scars of a Painful Past:

Come into a cross-legged pose, or sit in a chair with your back straight and feet on the floor. Center your self by paying attention to your breath, with the intention to relax and release. Let 2 drops of Pure Helichrysum essential oil (or diluted to your taste) fall in the palm of your hand, then bring your hands together at your heart and gently rub the palms together.

Stop rubbing the palms together, and then deeply inhale the aroma while you keep re-directing your attention back to the breath for about a minute. Then move your arms out to the sides – level with the shoulders – with your palms facing straight up.

Breathe long and deep while you hold your arms out to the sides. Do it for as long as you can, and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself!

When you can’t hold your arms up any longer, bend your elbows and slowly bring your arms in to the side. Then sit quietly and meditate for at least another minute.

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  1. Kindra Chadwell
    June 22, 2013

    The type species is Helichrysum orientale. The name is derived from the Greek words helisso (to turn around) and chrysos (gold). It occurs in Africa (with 244 species in South Africa), Madagascar, Australasia and Eurasia. The plants may be annuals, herbaceous perennials or shrubs, growing to a height of 60–90 cm. -`,’

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