Conscious Politics and Economics

Love and joy are certainly not words that commonly come to mind around government or finances these days.

In fact, many people experience emotions of profound fear and/or resentment around these topics. There is fear that those with perceived power over us are passing laws or making decisions that will alter life in a negative way; and resentment because there is a perception that some people are getting what they want at the expense of others.

These negative emotions are based on the belief that our life circumstances are created by government, corporations, organizations or some other power outside ourselves. In this way, we become convinced that they should be doing something different to make our lives better. Many of us even use the excuse that we cannot succeed because they have not done their jobs properly.

It’s easy to lose our sense of self empowerment around certain subjects, and instead offer emotion when those subjects are pondered or discussed. However, it’s important to understand that the emotions we offer are not without consequence.

Emotions in Action:

The combined emotional awareness of all people creates a collective vibratory pattern which is responsible for who is elected to our government, each legislative, executive and judicial decision, and the expansion or contraction of our economy.

As a survival mechanism, people instinctually adopt the same beliefs as those held by the majority – this is known as “herd mentality”. In modern society, people tend to match their emotions to that of their perceived leaders such as pastors, teachers, parents, media figures and government officials – this is usually how a vibratory pattern around a particular subject originates.

When we accept an emotion as our own, we identify that feeling as being our reality. Then, to the degree of passion with which we emanate that emotion, we in turn influence the emotions of others. In this way, the emotions being offered by each and every person has the ability to maintain or shift our collective vibratory pattern.

The nature of our collective vibratory pattern determines the nature of our predominant thoughts, words and actions. Since we identify with our emotions, we tend to play out the reality of them. This is why predictions which are anticipated by the majority have a way of proving us right.

So, if we have a government or economy that is not what we want, we know that our collective vibratory pattern must not be a match for our desires.

How Feeling Becomes Fact:

Every time we think of something that feels bad, we send out a resistant vibration which attracts more of what we don’t like about that subject. For example, by repeatedly entertaining fearful thoughts around government or economy, we attract experiences that agree with those feelings – and our fears become reality.

The more passionate our emotion around a subject, the stronger the force that draws the matching experiences even faster. When many of us share a common fervent feeling around politics or finances, we quickly create major shifts in our shared experience.

Notice that through mass fear we allow the swift passage of laws that limit freedom, violate our privacy, and promote wars on everything from drugs to disease to terror. At election times, the media and political pundits play off of our negative feelings, and even when we are presented with the opportunity to vote for candidates who can change politics for the better, our negative focus makes it impossible to even notice them much less vote for them.

It’s also mass fear that causes the stock market to plummet and spending to tighten, which creates lost jobs, homes, etc.. In a corporate climate, the collective fear of layoffs results in decreased productivity, and creates a desperate vibration which drives potential clients and sales elsewhere – resulting in layoffs just as expected.

Using Emotions to Our Advantage:

Shifting mass consciousness and thus our experience of government and the economy is so simple that it is typically overlooked. This does not involve any pretense, and there is no benefit to acting as if the current reality is ideal. It’s important to recognize the truth of our current situations so that we can have clarity about the improvement we desire.

By offering positive thought patterns which are not dependent on the current situation, we are in effect creating positive change.

It’s all a matter of focus. When we see something that we would like to change, instead of harping on the negatives which we know exist, we can shift our thoughts and feelings to how wonderful it would be to have the improvement we desire. With practice, as we are able to feel the change within us, our words and actions will also follow the feelings we are offering.

When an individual person deliberately and emotionally focuses on improvement, their thoughts, words and actions naturally evolve to allow for the fulfillment of their desires; their vibration influences the vibration of others; and over time mass consciousness shifts to become a closer match to this improved reality. In this way, each of us holds the power of creation.

This means – if we intend to attract honest, competent and intelligent political leaders we must live from a feeling of that expectation while demonstrating these qualities as we govern our own lives. Likewise, if we desire a robust economy, we must make sound decisions with our own money while offering a feeling of positive expectation for financial expansion. However, the most important part of this is to feel positive about what we are creating.

Those who intentionally direct their energies to influence others – politicians, political analysts, media figures, or activists – have greater creative power over subjects of their focus because their feelings have influence over many others. However, even without uttering a word, each person is projecting what they want for government and economy just by having thoughts on these topics.

The time is now to reclaim the power over our minds in order to improve our government, economy and our lives. Let’s offer independent positive thought and become the change we want to experience.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information, or register to attend one of her upcoming retreats Here.

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