Hope Johnson Wisdom Dialogue March 21, 2017

Online Question & Answer Session with Hope Johnson. To be invited to join live, please join my Facebook group at Facebook.com/groups/wisdomdialogues

Some questions that were addressed during this session:

– When I do something I wish I hadn’t done, I feel guilty and my mind races to fix the problem. How can I best relate with these thoughts.
– I’m feeling depression! I understand the bottom line is it’s not real. I also was feeling like I had lost compassion in a sense. Feeling like none of it’s real. Intuitive I know it’s just flowing
through me and it’s not who I am. Did you go through something like this and would you mind addressing this in one of the WD?
– I am very angry and hateful towards my parents. Not only do I suffer but I also make it quite unbearable for them, whenever we get together. I seem to hold on to the resistance, as a away of protecting myself, which is turning my life into hell. Instead of living from my own truth, I spend my days trying to find permanent ways of freeing myself from them, which I realized is to going to happen like black and white clarity…I will eventually stay in touch with them and I really desire to free myself and them from the pain we have been going through.
– I feel bad that I’m not doing anything for poor people and people being tortured etc. Don’t we have some responsibility for helping them achieve A better quality of life?

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