Hope Johnson Wisdom Dialogue March 7, 2017

Online Question & Answer Session with Hope Johnson. To be invited to join live, please join my Facebook group at Facebook.com/groups/wisdomdialogues

Some questions that were addressed during this session:

-I’ve been accepting my guilt, but I still feel guilty and I keep experiencing reflections of my guilt. Am I just supposed to just suck it up and accept that this is how it is?
– I want my kids to help around the house but it feels wrong to make them. How do you get your kids to help out?
– You seem to be against praying. What’s wrong with praying for what I want and need?
– I’m already doing the work to heal my own mind. What’s the next step? How can I make the world a better place?
– I understand that when someone seems to be putting me down it’s really about themselves, but I’m tired of experiencing people beating themselves up and projecting it onto me. Does it get better?

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