How Essential Oils Work

Pure Essential Oils appear to be biological messengers. Specifically, new research reveals that the volatile liquid contained in plants consists of micro molecules that can permeate our cells and deliver guidance, via their chemical properties, toward vibrant health, emotional harmony, abundance, peace and love. In addition, pure essential oils act as a transport system for the supply oxygen and nutrients to the organs, tissues, bones and brain.

Extracted from various flowers, grasses, fruits, roots, leaves, bark and seeds, pure essential oils are the Life force of the plant. Through their conscious intent, in the form of hydrocarbon molecules, pure essential oils are fully capable of providing therapeutic benefits to cure every instance of dis-ease experienced by humans and animals alike.

Specifically, the human form is a natural phenomenon whereby vibrational frequencies determine the health, happiness and perception of the individual. Pure essential oils vibrate at frequencies much less dense than that of the human body, and through cellular permeation, pure essential oils deliver messages from the realms of these lighter frequencies which translate into specific chemical instructions which stimulate the healing action of hormones, metabolism and immune function, balance the microbial populace within the body, clear emotional disturbances, and much more.

Moreover, pure essential oils do not accumulate within the body – they are expressed within hours of use – so basically they deliver messages of well being and then return to the formless realm from which they emerged. In this way, pure essential oils may be the only truly holistic medicine.

The auric field is another aspect of the human or animal affected by pure essential oils. Their energy vibration helps to balance one’s personal aura, thus engendering a calm radiance.

Finally, olfactory nerves (the nerves that allow human beings to sense odors) are directly connected to the limbic system of the brain, and their stimulation by the aroma of pure essential oils causes immediate, although perhaps subconscious, healing responses in the brain. With consistent usage, this can encourage the brain to repair and rewire neurological pathways for the experience of optimal, health, well being and joy.

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  1. Vivian
    February 18, 2012

    I’m interested on the lavender, jasmine and rose oils for baking purposes. Are they edible? Can they be considered organic? Which rose oil is better for baking, the Bulgaria rose or the other rose oil?

    Will wait for your reply.

    Thank you.

    1. thewaytoTheWay
      February 18, 2012

      Aloha Vivian! All of the essential oils sold at are solvent free, and therefore suitable for baking. Just keep in mind that a very little goes a long way. You may want to try just 2 drops, then mix and taste. Mahalo for your question! Have an aromatic Day!!

  2. Cindy
    April 9, 2012

    I am looking for something to tame if not cure my severe psoriasis. Do you have any suggestions.

    1. thewaytoTheWay
      April 10, 2012

      Aloha Cindy!

      Psoriasis is an acidic condition that may be healed by maintaining a more alkaline overall ph. If I had psoriasis, I would apply Tea Tree essential oil straight to the outbreaks, inhale Sandalwood Mysore Essential Oil throughout the day, drink 3 Tonics daily, modify my diet to include more alkaline foods, get plenty of sunshine and participate in daily exercise that appeals to my particular taste.

      I do not offer Tea Tree Essential Oil online, but this is the most common essential oil and it can be picked up at most any health food store for a very low price. If you wish to purchase it directly from me, please send an email to

      Stress is a major cause of acidity in the body. In this regard, I recommend Sandalwood Mysore Essential Oil inhaled throughout the day for its calming and meditative effects. Please note that most health food stores sell Australian Sandalwood which does not have the same calming/meditative effects as the Mysore variety.

      I have decades of experience with nutrition and natural health, and I love to guide people along their path to vibrant well being. Should you wish to consult with me, my fee is $60.00 per hour.

      In Love,



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