How May I Serve You?

In modern society we are taught that a good citizen gives money and performs charitable acts for those “less fortunate”. We learn early on to feel sorry for those in “need” and to give “selflessly” to help them.

It’s widely “known” that “good” people take action to help diffuse the suffering of “others”. Indeed, most members of society think highly of people who do “good”, and we earn social favor by being perceived as a person who “gives back” – even if we acquired what we have through manipulation and greed.

In following the “do gooder” mindset and/or the perceived need to be accepted, most of us convince ourselves to give money, things or personal services which we may not otherwise have the desire to give. In this way, we give with a sense of superiority and false pride in the idea that our charitable acts have enduring value which can help hunger, poverty, ignorance, or whatever we consider in need of fixing.

However, every act is only as valuable as the feeling behind it. If we are giving out of our perception that anyone lacks anything, or that we are needed, we are creating more of the very disturbance that we think we are dissolving.

This is why dis-ease like hunger and poverty continue to proliferate in our world irrespective of our gallant efforts eliminate them. Sure, we may see someone benefit from our action, but for every thought there is manifestation, and when our thoughts are focused on lack we are creating more of it no matter how “good” our action looks.

Moreover, each person is the center of the Universe from their individual perspective, and when we perceive anything as needing to be “fixed”, we create the perception of more need in our own experience.

Understanding how to be wisely selfish leads to true selfLESSness

To bestow gifts that endure forever requires first and foremost that we FEEL Joyful – which means free of all disturbing emotion. We don’t really have to DO anything. In fact, while we are preoccupied with the doing, we are missing the point.

Humans have no other option than to be self centered because human awareness is Divine consciousness focused through and limited to an individual mental vantage point. If we were all selfishly focused on creating better feeling thoughts from our individual perspective, all hunger, poverty, war, etcetera would soon dissolve because the world is only a reflection of our belief.

But because we see our selfishness as “wrong” or “sinful” we counteract it by acting like we’re really selfLESS.

However, embracing our selfishness is the only thing that can lead to being truly selfLESS. Specifically, when our thoughts align with the feeling we desire for ourselves, our being overflows with Joy, our actions spring naturally from that Joyful perspective, and everything is glorified.

Feeling truly Joyful means to feel part of the All, wherein the ego self is no longer our identity, and our human awareness becomes unified with the Divine Consciousness that gives life to everything. Simply having this perspective commands blessings for everything, and any action that arises therefrom also has enduring value.

However, if our action is motivated by the belief that doing some good deed will attract good karma or favor with God, we are creating quite the opposite. This type of motivation only arises when we really don’t want to serve, but we do so out of obligation.

Feeling obligated evokes emotional discord (including resentment), which creates more dis-ease. Many of us experience the emotion of resentment because we think we are giving selfLESSly, when we are really acting from egoistic selfishness.

Ideas that we are needed or that we need anything is a lie that creates uncomfortable emotion and leads to more disturbance in the mind and in our world. In reality, each person is the creator of their own experience, and we are only limited by our own delusional beliefs and thoughts.

Truly selfLESS acts spring naturally from our identification with who we really are, and not with our ego. In order realize our true Self, we have to work through the ego – shamelessly embracing our selfish perspective until we can feel our Joyful essence – which is revealed when our thoughts align with Truth.

If we are consistently aware of the feelings being evoked by our thoughts, we can direct our thoughts into resonance with our unlimited aspect, thereby creating feelings that are more aligned with our true essence. This way of being wisely selfish leads to Self realization, and when the Self is realized, we become truly selfLESS. From there, our efforts are effortless, and we naturally bestow gifts of enduring value upon everyone and everything in existence simply by being present in the world.

So the next time you feel like serving anyone, remember that it is not What you are doing, but How you are being that makes all the difference.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information, or register to attend one of her upcoming retreats Here.

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    April 25, 2011


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