How to Use the Mirror to Transcend Victimhood and Depression

Contentment in Life comes down to our relationships, and to the extent we see ourselves as victims in our relationship, depression ensues. As we continue to follow thoughts of victimhood, we become more fraught with fear as we are led deeper into states of depression for longer periods of time.

If you are ready to transcend this dense energy and experience Life from a liberated point of view, you’re invited to read the following with an open mind and heart.

The other people that you experience from day to day are mirrors of your consciousness. This does not mean that if someone acts angry toward you then you’re angry, or if someone has lied to you that you’re a liar.
The mirror is much kinder and more instructive than these and other mental labels of self worth. Specifically, the other person mirrors an image of the judgment you are holding – which causes a conditioned feeling response to arise within you.

In this way, whenever you feel like you’ve been wronged by another person, it only means you have given your power to them in thought, thus making your self out to be their victim. To the extent you believe your self to have been wronged, you may experience victimhood and depression.

The feelings that arise in response to the idea that you’ve been wronged is an indication of how you’ve been programmed to create your life up to this point in time. But you, being the awareness from which your consciousness arises, have the power to respond in a new way – thus deliberately programming your consciousness to create a life experience that glorifies your Divine essence.

To effectuate the process of deliberate re-programming, notice when you experience a feeling of mental/emotional dis-ease, stop what you’re doing, and just observe the thoughts as they tell your programmed story.

In this observation, it helps to remember that whatever has happened, is happening or will happen has been ‘right’ for you because it has led to exactly where you are in this precious moment. Indeed, it’s all going perfectly from the perspective of Spirit – and despite what the confused mind will have you believe, you are not a separate entity from the One Spirit.

Through this practice of awareness, judgments that no longer serve you are released, not because they are resisted – but because your perspective has been moved into closer alignment with Eternal Life. In turn, the world around you changes to reflect your new state of consciousness as you progress along this path.

Those who walk the path of Spirit know that as one’s perspective transcends victim consciousness, they experience more peace, harmony and delight in their relationships and in their Life experience. You’re welcome to join in on this amazing journey of awareness when you’re ready!


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