I am the Infinite I AM

I AM is nothing and everything. It does not exist, and it is existence itself.  It has no beginning and no end.  It is the balance from which all extremes are born, and it is also the extremes.

Everything in existence is I AM – the infinite consciousness – the all-knowing awareness that witnesses everything, including every human life experience through our individual senses. Separation from one another and from I AM is the great illusion that makes the human experience possible.

I AM creates and sustains separate human forms and egos to experience the contrast of life through infinitely diverse fields of awareness.  And for all the diversity of awareness, the silent witness of every human experience is the infinitely evolving and expansive, I AM.

While the world we know as our reality is constantly being created by I AM, every creation also merges with I AM.  As the created and the creator are seamlessly unified, everything already created continues to create as I AM – as each one draws from its source of pure Love that transcends mind.

Humans command the creative aspect of I AM with every thought

All human creativity also originates in the all-knowing aspect of I AM that is pure Love, and humans command the creative aspect of I AM through the filters of memory, mind and separate ego.  As such, the Divine creative energy of I AM is converted according to each individual perspective.

In this way, humans have the unique ability to specifically create through individual points of view.  The extent to which each human creation represents its source of pure Love depends on the resonance of our thoughts to the part of us that is the all-knowing aspect of I AM.

In other words, the less our thoughts are filtered through the memory of separation, the more we will manifest the reality that we really want.  This is where most of us are misled by organized religion, politics, parents and/or society in general.

Humans create struggle and suffering when we perpetuate thoughts that we are detached from or unworthy of I AM. For the most part, we are conditioned to believe we are somehow bad, sinful or shameful – and for those of us who buy into these beliefs, our perspective is very dissonant to the all-knowing aspect of I AM, and we create conflict in our minds just as we project conflict into the world.

The more we shift our thoughts toward the reality that each of us, like everything else, is the embodiment of I AM, the more our life experiences will reflect this truth.  When we mind our minds and choose our thoughts in alignment with the infinite aspect of I AM, we command the creation of Love, Joy and Peace through us and for us into the life of the world.

Let’s remember I AM and begin creating that now.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information hope@thewaytotheway.com

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