Illness and Health are Equal 

Illness proves the existence of health, and health proves the existence of illness. Indeed, everything make believe needs an opposite to appear as if it’s real.
Under the spell of self identified mind, consciousness craves for recovery when faced with illness because of the belief that health is better than illness…unaware that these opposites are equal manifestations of mental insanity. 
In fact, craving for health/aversion to illness is like a veil that hides the reality that perfect well being is the Whole truth. 
Likewise, craving/aversion keep hidden the fact that perception of health is itself a setup for perception of illness…for which death seems to be an escape and “re-covery” leads to yet another setup. 
Who cares if the body appears healthy or ailing in the dream of death?…when the fact is that the make believe body is doomed from the start.  
Through the functioning of the senses, consciousness makes whatever appearances are necessary to reflect the consequences of belief, and there’s no safety or heath measure in world that can save anybody from its effects. 
So even while taking said measures, it’s perfectly safe to let come what may! 
There’s nothing of this world worth attaining…not even the appearance of a healthy body. 
Thank you! I love you! 

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