Illumination of Darkness

Darkness/Evil/Suffering simply dissolve when exposed to the Light/Magnificence/Joy that you are. What’s being pointed to here is not two opposites that exist in dualistic mind – The Light that I speak of is beyond the mind – It’s the same Light that gives life to the mind and projects through the mind as many individuals.

It’s only because the Soul (individually focused Light) has permitted itself to become entranced by Mind that Darkness is even possible. The experience of Darkness is what produces the raw material from which new desires are formed, but only in the moment the Soul’s emotion is aligned with the newly formed desires are those desired being made manifest.

In the remembrance that Light is the one true identity, the experience of Darkness is a welcome friend, because it is seen clearly that Darkness is just like material for Light to form something new through the Soul’s Creative and Ecstatic play. The only thing that causes anyOne to be consumed by Darkness (and thereby create even more experiences of Darkness) is Belief that Darkness is a real threat that must be destroyed, proven wrong or protested.

To allow your self to be delivered from the grips of Darkness, simply pay attention to said beliefs as they cross your awareness. Through your attention, belief in Darkness will lose power over your consciousness, your thoughts and emotions will move into alignment with your desires, and Light will always prevail in your body/mind and in your world.

You are the Light, and Darkness is your friend. Just for this moment, you’re invited to Live on Purpose.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information, or register to attend one of her upcoming retreats Here.

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