Most of us have an egocentric idea of how to be independent.  Our conditioning has caused us to believe that in order to be independently successful, we can depend ONLY upon the strength of our own will.

This notion cultivates fear that we may be perceived as weak and unsuccessful if we find the need to seek the support of another person or people.  Where there is fear, there is always judgment – thus when we are stuck in this mindset we tend to judge anyone who seeks support from other people as unworthy of success. Judgment attracts more fear, and the cycle of judgment and fear continues until they eventually occupy the vast majority of our thought patterns.

In reality, we are all independent because the individual creates everything in his or her own reality.  If there are people supporting us or hindering us, we attracted them by the thoughts we chose to follow in this or a previous lifetime. Feeling dependent upon anything or anyone for our well being is based in the fear inherent from perceiving reality in the delusion of separation from the Universe and everything else.

That feeling prevents us from realizing our own power – which keeps us apart from what we really want to create for our lives. If we find ourselves feeling needy or clinging to any person, people, or set of circumstances we are most certainly being led by our very limited ego self and not our real powerful Self.

There will always be an unlimited supply of people to love and support us. When we trust that we have the power to consistently attract the right person at the right time, we can release the perceived control that we exert in trying to keep particular people in our lives, making them behave in particular ways, or manipulating them into bestowing certain benefits upon us.

Moreover, we can release the pressure we put upon ourselves about how and when we are going to make anything happen through our actions.  Our power is our energy, and when we focus our thoughts on what we want to create, we attract people who are willing and able to facilitate our creative process.

Through attention to how we are feeling, we can discipline ourselves to feel the powerful nature of our true Self, and from that perspective our creation glorifies ourselves and everything else. Dependence feels like powerlessness, and by shifting our thoughts to what’s true within us, we can harness the power of our creativity.

When we become more independently and joyfully focused, it’s easy to see and understand what actions are being “asked” of us, and which personal relationships are in our best interest to maintain.  By releasing the habit of clinging to anyone or anything, all people and things can flow easily into and out of our experience with the precise timing that best serves our purpose.

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    April 29, 2010

    Hope; you can also say all our ego-minds want to be special, yet we know we are all created equal, differences are and can only be created by the ego-mind.

    No time exist but this moment, the NOW; the Holy instant
    The words that come into this moment change, so do the experiences and perceptions
    But this moment never changes as it is the Eternal NOW.
    Anything outside of this is but mind/ego created and thus Illusion.

    No place exist but the Totality of Existence.
    God Is and Created Existence; everything else is part of existence
    Existence is One with all that is and all that Is is One in Existence.
    Anything outside of this is but mind/ego created and thus Illusion.

    Love and Light

    1. Hope Johnson
      April 29, 2010

      Words of wisdom. Thank you!

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