Jealousy is the natural response to an idea that we’re meant to have what somebody else is getting – it’s a signal that we’re grasping onto a thought pattern that creates pain and suffering.

For instance, if we’re hung up in jealous feeling thought because we believe the attention of the one we love is being stolen by another person, we are unable to love in the moment. In this way, our projections are leading to more experiences that make us feel unloveable.

Granting everyone the freedom to be as they are allows us to get whatever lessons the experience was designed to serve us, and to get clear about what we’re looking for. Once this occurs we either move into a deeper partnership with the one in front of us, or we recognize that our energy is being moved in another direction – either way, the choice is choiceless.

In order to give this freedom, we must allow freedom for ourselves, which means being presently aware of our jealous feeling, and inquiring as to whether we’re willing to let go of the mental story that’s being projected about it.

Perhaps we’re not willing to let go, and that’s perfectly ok too. We’re free to learn more about this particular thought form, and this freedom makes going through it less fearful.

As we continue to inquire as to whether we are willing to release that which creates our suffering, the ideas that keep us bound to struggle unravel themselves and we eventually find an unthinkable harmony in our relations coupled with an inability to grasp onto thoughts that create jealous feeling.

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