Judgment Sparks Creative Inspiration

Each person is infused with spirit that is powerful, pure and capable of having a life experience independent of the reality that society has created for us. “Right” and “wrong” are only concepts of mind based on individual perception. The idea that anything ever goes “wrong” is self limiting and creates a sense of victimization. In reality, everything has always gone perfect given all thought that has come before.

The system of greed that currently runs our world requires our cooperation in order to sustain itself. That’s why we are conditioned to support it through education, religion and media. But it has always been we who hold the power to free our minds and transform our world.

It’s just a matter of clearing the fear-based beliefs that we need anything outside of ourselves to create a Joyful reality.   From the mindset that we cannot live without something, our words, deeds, and thought based energy attracts disharmony.

We have the ability to judge whether we like anything or not and direct our focus accordingly so that we may experience the aspect of Self that is pure Joy aka Love aka Understanding – which is the driving force of our human existence. When we honor our own judgment and focus our thought energy on what we want, we harness the power of creation to fulfill our destiny. We only set ourselves on a one way train to mental anguish when we keep focusing on what we do not like, do not have or have not become.

Humans are the judges of the world, and we are constantly passing judgment about how things are. But when we do so with awareness, we transform judgment to acceptance and fear into inspiration.

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