Led by Desire

Whatever is wanted, it’s opposite is also unwanted. Wanted and unwanted are mental polarities with wanted being associated with the feeling of happiness, and unwanted being associated with unhappiness.


Every individual ‘want’ is a form of God’s pure desire for experience. Pure desire springs consistently from the Source of all awareness, is filtered through layers of mind-created self, and is expressed as a unique invitation to allow happiness – whatever that means to the individual at that point in their evolution.


The trouble most people have with desires is attachment to them – which could take the form of either ‘need’ to attain what’s desired, or repression of what’s desired.


Either way, it is the endeavor to gain control over that which is a force beyond control that makes desire feel like dis-ease. This would never be the case if desires were simply allowed, however, allowing is not the nature of mind.


According to individually held beliefs, the fearful mind is programmed to evoke thoughts that resist desire. Based upon what is desired coupled with the degree of resistance offered in response thereto, the mind leads awareness toward manifestations that are mentally calculated to prove that what one has been believing and feeling about their desire is true.


All feeling is emotional, taking form somewhere on the polarity scale between happiness and unhappiness, depending on what’s being imagined. Feeling of happiness is attuned with thoughts of the ‘lighter’ vibrational polarity – and feeling of unhappiness is attuned with thoughts of the ‘heavier’ vibrational polarity.


Feeling is always in direct correlation with what one believes about the desires that arise within their awareness; and to the extent desire is being allowed without judgment, emotion moves automatically toward lightness (happiness); and likewise, to the extent desire is being resisted in thought, emotion moves automatically toward density (unhappiness).


Happiness attained through the energy of separation (fear), such that one mentally manipulates the elevation of their energy by creating a happy feeling based on circumstance, is experienced as shallow, fleeting and insecure  – because it’s foundation is really the ‘lighter’ pole of mental patterns in victim consciousness. This form of happiness, because it’s based on circumstance, powerfully attracts manifestations that correlate with the opposing feeling (unhappiness) – the denser pole of victim consciousness.


In ignorance, one uses perception of victimhood as ‘reason’ to further chase desires or repress them – depending on which they think will create a happy feeling, according to their individually held belief system.  In believing thought that assumes personal desire for enduring happiness can be attained by the mind-created self, one energetically aligns their ‘self’ with fearful thought/feeling, thus reinforcing associated mental/emotional patterns of victim consciousness, and causing their individual experience of those patterns to progressively become more extreme.


In contrast, the wise one knows that what’s ‘wanted’ leads toward experience of enduring happiness, and that every desire is another opportunity to allow thought to be moved in accordance therewith. One seizes such an opportunity by consciously releasing thoughts that contradict their desire, thus allowing the spirit within (the all-knowing aspect) to lift consciousness into states of mind that correlate with feelings of calm happiness.


As states of mind are transcended, emotional polarities become less extreme, and the full spectrum of feeling can be experienced with more clarity and less anxiety.


There is a distinction between chasing desire and allowing it; and understanding this distinction is an important key on the path toward pure being.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information hope@thewaytotheway.com

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  1. MzDonna
    July 24, 2011

    Right now I am on the very bottom of the wheel of life. Every thing I touch or try crumbles and I’m at my wids end.. I have the desire to succeed, I have the desire to have my own home, and pay my own bills. This article was very helpful in a difficult period in my life. It helped me understand to nature of desire. Thanks,

    Be Blessed,


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