Life Force Energy is Creative Power

The same conscious energy that makes anything and everything possible is individually and simultaneously focused through everything and everyone that manifests in the physical world. What looks solid to the eye is actually energetic Light bodies through which conscious Life Force Energy is being projected.

The conscious energy that creates and sustains all Life causes everything in the material world to be made manifest for our experience through individual awareness. Humans have a unique creative vantage point in that the Life Force Energy is filtered through our individual mental patterns, and we are thereby able to specifically direct that energy to create our wishes, desires and dreams.

But because we have largely forgotten the source of our awareness, we are convinced that people, situations and things in our experience need to be changed. The belief that we must change anything causes us to focus on what we want changed, use mental cleverness to figure out how to effectuate the change, and employ our Will to create it.

While this method may produce some of intended results, those results do not come without struggle. Specifically, if during the process of attaining what we want, our thought vibration is resistant to the Living Energy that is the source of our Being, our experience is struggle.

Life Force Energy flows through us in specific vibratory rhythm, and to the degree that we project thoughts of ego dependency (need, manipulation, competition, etc.), our human vibratory rhythm becomes dissonant to Life Force Energy. Any dissonance to Life Force Energy is resistant to the very source of our human existence, and that resistance depletes our human energy – causing stress, lethargy, depression and anxiety.

While we can create some of the “improvements” we seek while in a resistant vibratory pattern, ultimately our resistance to Life Force Energy is the cause of all manifestations of personal and worldly dis-ease – everything from stress and illness to world wars.

When we believe that the cleverness of mind is the path to attain anything we seek, we feel an egocentric sense of self importance as our thoughts project the belief that we are nobly sacrificing our experience of Joy in the present moment to create a more desirable future. But when we sacrifice Joy in any moment we are sacrificing the flow of Life Force Energy through our material form.

In doing so, we not only sacrifice the energy necessary for creativity, play and Joyful expression, we sacrifice our real power to create what we want.

Conversely, when we accept and appreciate all things just as they are, and we allow ourselves to delight in the most Joyful possibilities we can imagine, we are allowing Life Force Energy to flow in exactly the way it was meant to. As we allow the gentle yet fierce flow of uninhibited Life Force Energy to be projected through our material form, we give more energy to ourselves while our wishes, dreams and desires are created for us in the unseen world.

In the flow of Life Force Energy, and through our willingness to take the first step as a leap of faith, the next steps in the progression toward our desires become obvious as we move Joyfully through time and space toward their manifestation.

Every moment is leading to the next, and we create our experience Joyful by laying the energetic foundation for Love, Joy and Peace. That energetic foundation is created by our thought projection, and it glorifies us to the degree that we have been allowing Life Force energy to be expressed unfettered by mental struggle.

Life Force Energy is our power to experience Joy in our lives, create what we want, and experience the deep peace that is our birthright. Start releasing the mental burden of needing to change anything, so that you may become the conduit for Joyful creation in this lifetime.

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