Lose (or Gain) Weight with Self Love

Diets are about struggle and deprivation.  We subscribe to them because we falsely believe that we must sacrifice in order to attain a healthy physique.

Whenever we resist anything, it manifests more in our experience. This means that as long as we are focused on losing weight, we are attracting weight gain.  We may be able to force our bodies into submission for a time (or even entire lifetimes), but struggle around weight and food will continue to be our experience unless we redirect the vibration that we are projecting.

In order to manifest our perfect body easily, it helps to visualize ourselves at our ideal weight, and feel the sensation of being there whenever thoughts about the body cross the mind. This releases tension around the subject of weight and transforms our normally self limiting beliefs about losing or gaining weight to beliefs that promote healthy weight.

Regularly releasing tension is essential for achieving optimal weight because thoughts about struggle or sacrifice create mental tension which causes us to hold on to excess emotional and physical baggage.  Many times, that baggage is manifested as the body’s holding of excess body weight.

However, in the case of those who have difficulty gaining weight – their emotional/physical baggage is such that it prevents the nervous system from transmitting the signals necessary for digestion and utilization of nutrients.  Some peoples’ emotional states swing so drastically that they shift between being overweight and underweight many times throughout their lives.

Unless we regularly practice releasing tension, weight issues continue to accumulate as we accumulate tension in response to our life experience.  This is why weight issues tend to be exacerbated as we age.

Any diet that feels like struggle is bound to create more struggle around the issue of weight. Only from the feeling of physical well being do we become a vibratory match for the our ideal, healthy weight and overall vitality.

When we already feel like we are at our ideal weight, our eating and activity habits naturally move into alignment with that feeling.  There is no deprivation here.  We simply eat what we like and engage in the physical activities we enjoy. But without the added feelings of guilt, resentment, etc., we want what feels good on every level – body, mind and being.

Use your mental energy to align yourself with the beautiful and carefree physique that has always been yours, and heal your weight issues with the power of Self Love.

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  1. Bunmi
    July 2, 2010

    Hope, you are an amazing woman. Thank you for this post! love, Bunmi


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