Love and Hate

True Unconditional Love contains no opposite, and views everything as perfect given all thought that came before. Humans have been given a unique vantage point whereby we are commanding creation with the thought-based feelings we choose to follow.

Emotional love and hate are two opposites of the same energetic pattern. While both are emotional responses to life circumstances, one creates a happy feeling in the body and mind, while the other causes discomfort or pain in the body and mind.

These emotions attract one another along with their corresponding circumstances, and unless we find balance and Joy, our emotional extremes amplify as they continue to create more conflict for ourselves.

Mental and physical conflict is the cause of all dis-ease and deprivation because like attracts like and draws onto itself.  It is a fundamental law of the Universe.

Many of us believe that in order to effectuate positive change in the world, we must hate that which has already been created in order to motivate our will.

But our will only follows our energy, and hateful energy can never heal because it is not a vibratory match to healing energy. When we are in the emotion of hate without self-awareness, we labor in vain as we unconsciously create more of what we are hating.

Likewise, when in the emotion of love, we tend to attach ourselves to whatever we are loving, which creates resistance to its opposite.  That resistant energy is what keeps our emotions and life circumstances directed away from our true desires.

Notwithstanding the consequences, there is no benefit to condemning our own hateful or resistant feelings. Every feeling is instructional as to how resonant or dissonant our egocentric mind is in relation to our true essence. From there, we choose whether to continue with ill feelings (including self-judgment) and create more of the same, or return to Unconditional Love and knowledge that our deepest desires are being fulfilled right now.

When we perceive the world through Unconditional Love, we are creating our reality according to the part of Self that endures forever – and that benefits everything.

In appreciation of all things that have already been created, our desires command the blessings that can transform our world.  Let your sword and shield be Unconditional Love and heal the world by your very presence in it.

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  1. Martin van Laerhoven
    May 19, 2010

    I reaction to this and your daily thought on Hate I would like to say;

    Yes God gave us the free will to choose what we want to create but I have come to understand that God created only Love. It is like Light (both in the relation to “Understanding” and “Physical Light”) The Light is always there; when there is darkness the Light has been locked out or covered. A “beam of Light” can penetrate darkness but not the opposite!

    Love is the same; bringing love to hate will make it disappear and no matter how much hate you bring to Love, it will not disappear. When we are in a state of Being (the NOW); then we are in touch with God and there is no judgement just Love and understanding.

    The only time hate is possible is when the ego-mind creates those feelings on the basis of judgements due to pre-conceived ideas. When we let go of all judgements through forgiveness we are at Peace.
    Love and Light

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