Love Message: Challenges

Love Message: Challenges

Challenge is the basis for Life's expression - it inspires creativity, which is essential to expansion, and gives purpose to your Life journey. Asking 'why' you are faced with any challenge is egoic mind's process to keep you focused on how things ‘should’ be from the perspective of fear.

However tumultuous and negative challenges may appear, they only appear that way to the extent you are buying into resistant thoughts about them. When you notice thoughts that ask 'why' with respect to your challenges, you can be sure that your thoughts are in contention with Life.

But rest assured that as soon as you embrace what is, it will become abundantly clear that you are exactly where you intended to be and that your purpose is being fulfilled in this very moment in time.

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4 Responses to Love Message: Challenges

  • I first want to say that I get your posts straight into my email inbox and love your contribution to my life and awareness, and that of others. So you are very much appreciated and often, when you post something that is just perfect, I don’t respond, because there is nothing more to say, because you’ve said it all, perfectly.

    I think that ‘why’ is a really important question that can lead beyond ego. Often the first response is, ‘because other people are bad’. But when that gets us nowhere but pain we can eventually come to the answer, ‘because I have a responsibility in this and we look at how WE contributed to the situation, rather than blaming other people. That is learning from our mistakes and ensuring that where we will be in future will hopefully be in places where we have not induced karmic responses from others, and so are taking an important step in maintaining our inner peace which helps to create peaceful responses from others to us, and peace in our environment.

    Thank you again for the inspiration.

    • Hope Johnson says:

      Aloha Christine!

      Mahalos for your comment! Yes, ‘why’ is a great question. It really allows the ego’s ‘truths’ to be heard with awareness, and in that hearing they can be allowed to dissolve.

      Your welcome for the inspiration! It’s a pleasure to share with you!

  • Nina says:

    Hi Hope!

    I want to thank you for this beautiful message. I definitely agree. I was actually thinking about challenges last night, or rather, that which we perceive as “challenging.” I came to the conclusion that “challenges” of any sort are wondrous learning opportunities, and in reflecting on my own life, realized that the times which I thought were the most “difficult” or “challenging” are actually the times in which I learned a great deal. Although in some of these cases it took me quite a while to let go of my negative feelings about these experiences and recognize them as the learning periods that they were, I now value them and am even thankful for these “challenges!” Thank you for posting, it was quite a synchronicity :)

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