Managing Opportunity

Child Climbing StairsOpportunity is presented through adversity around anything from personal finances, health or relationships to global conflict or government.  Life tends to present obstacles as opportunities for expansion.  Whether we use those opportunities as stepping stones, or as anchors is entirely up to us.

Many of us tend to define ourselves by the adversity we are currently experiencing.  When we do not consciously recognize adversity as opportunity, our subconscious thought patterns keep us entrenched in the emotion evoked by the experience of the adversity itself.

Missed Opportunities:

When we focus on adversity, it evokes negative emotion.  That emotion sends out a vibratory pattern which speaks to every cell in our bodies and emanates out into the universe.  In this way, every emotion sends out a request for more of the experience that evokes it.

Opportunities for improvement are all around us, but when we predominantly strengthen the vibration of what we perceive as adversity (through comments and thoughts about what we want changed), those opportunities cannot come into our awareness. Instead of directing our attention and focus toward ideas, circumstances and people that could facilitate the improvement we seek, many of us remain stuck in the adversity of our current experience.

This is why we tend to experience the same or similar unwanted circumstances, situations and people throughout the course of our lives.

How To Identify Opportunities And Make Them Work For You:

Focus on something in your life that evokes negative emotion, and take note of how that emotion feels physically in your body.  Notice any tension or sick-like feelings.

Practice long, deep breathing while focusing on releasing the tension and/or ill feeling.   With a calm mind and a relaxed body, you can begin to direct your focus toward that which needs improvement.

Once you are aware of which thought pattern evokes a particular emotion, imagine which thoughts around the same subject would feel better to you.  From there, allow yourself to feel the emotion of the improved thoughts.  That improved emotion sends out a brand new vibratory pattern which is a more accurate description of what you want.

When the improvement has been identified, all subsequent self-limiting thoughts around the adversity which gave rise to your preference for improvement are no longer necessary.  Stay present with your thoughts, and continue to improve negative feelings by focusing on your preference for improvement.

When first learning this technique your subconscious mind will continue to offer the familiar thoughts that keep you focused on adverse conditions.  Accept those thoughts, but realize they are projecting for the opposite of what you want, and offer thoughts that focus you back toward the desired improvement.

When we predominantly focus on how it will feel once we have what we want, we become exhilarated by the challenge being presented.  In the state of exhilaration, information for the improvement we seek naturally becomes available.

As you continue from the vibration of that which you want, stay alert for opportunities, information, and people that come into your awareness.  When the information matching your conscious vibration is received, your actions will feel inspired – almost as if you are taking no action at all.

Remember that many times we need only to change the way we are thinking about a particular subject in order to see improvement in our lives.  Stay open to that possibility as well.

By minding our minds and managing our emotions, we promote joyful, abundant lives for ourselves and for those around us.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information


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