Mind: The False Master

The mind is commonly referred to as being owned by individuals. But it is actually shared between everything presently having a life experience.

The mind is the source of unlimited knowledge through energetic patterns of information about everything that is known, understood, or calculated during every material experience that has ever been and that ever will be. That information is accessed by our bodies and brains through cell receptors that act like antennas for the informational signals being broadcasted by the matching thought patterns of the mind.

Every subconscious habit and conscious thought is essentially downloaded by our cells from the mind, which is shared by everything in existence.

At physical birth the cells in our bodies and brain are already attuned to certain information created by those who have come before us. If we have had past lives (and most of us have), our cells are attuned to the mental patterns and behaviors that we developed over those lifetimes.

The parents to whom we are born and our ancestors’ experiences also determine which mental patterns will dominate our subconscious habits and our conscious thoughts.  Throughout our lifetimes, our cells are further conditioned to be receptive to the mental information that matches what we have learned about our world during our present life experience.

What we refer to as “my mind” are those thought patterns that are personal to the individual including all physical and emotional memories, and how we identify our material self in relation to everything else.  This information is integrated within the mind, and it is accessed by our brains as needed to direct our thoughts, words and actions during our lifetime.

While each of us is infused with pure Divine energy, the energetic relationship between our cellular receptors and the matching mental patterns are so powerful that most of us live almost entirely from the limited patterns of mind that keep us apart from experiencing our true Self. While it seems that we have free will, most of us are our thoughts and actions our predetermined by our biological programming.

While each person is created and sustained by a conscious energy that transcends mind, unless our awareness connects with that energy we live on autopilot – just repeating the same patterns in an unconscious or sleep-like manner. This is because the mental patterns to which we are attuned continuously offer thoughts, and when our spirit is not present, we automatically believe those thoughts.

In order to awaken to the real Self and become Alive in our lives, we must consciously realize that we don’t have to believe what we think. Through meditative practice and bodily conditioning we can gradually move beyond our programming and retrain our cells to access information that is relevant to our true life purpose.

When our real Self is present, we can choose to disregard the limiting thought patterns that keep us from moving forward, and embrace those that advance us in the direction of our destiny.

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